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Recipe: Port & Blue Cheese Bread--BREAD MACHINE (fwd)

Katie E Green <kgreen@u.washington.edu>
Fri, 02 Feb 1996 18:01:42 -0800
Naturally, I had to send this on to you.  Back in the swing Reggie.
Warmest hugs.  Katie
I am sorry, I don't have the name of the gentleman who requested a
port bread.  I evidently hid the request...and I ran across this clipping
I had saved last night.  This has a couple of substitutions available:

The applesauce in the recipe is NOT a low fat substitute.  However you 
may eliminate it and substitute butter, margarine, or baby food plums--
or even fresh plum or pear puree.  The applesauce or plums impart a 
nice highlight to the flavor.  I only made the bread once, and used pureed 
Japanese Satsuma plums in the recipe, as I have trees in my yard.  Bread 
texture should not be affected by which ever you choose to use.  I also 
loaded up on the port...to almost 1/4 cup.  But I am a port nut.

The recipe is for the bread machine.  In manual adaptation, be prepared
to add up to 1 1/2 cups of additional flour.  I would start with the 
amount called for and increase flour in 1/4 cup increments, til proper
dough texture is achieved during kneading...

Also, you may omit the blue cheese with no ill side affects and make this
a TRUE PORT BREAD.  The sharper the blue cheese--the stronger the flavor 
of the bread.  Loaf appearance will vary with the brand of cheese you 
use.  This is a medium height loaf...dense.  I found this to be a nice 

It stated it made great croutons...and it did!  Pine nuts might also be an 
option to play with.  

**You need not use an expensive port...simply one with a good flavor.

Just a thought...slice thin for toast points for cheese or pate during wine 
tasting....*:)  Or ham sandwiches, tailgate style.  Recommended to serve
warm, steamed with steak bbq.

For the Bread Machine:  *note conversion for rapid rise cycle or regular 
(dry active yeast) bake cycles.

                      PORT & BLUE CHEESE BREAD

    1 lb. loaf                                         1.5 lb. loaf

      2/3 cup         water                                1 cup
        2 cups        white Bread Flour                    3 cups
        1 TBS         sugar                                2 TBS
        1 tsp         salt                               1.5 tsp
        2 tsp         Butter                               1 TBS
        2 TBS         Port Ruby Red Wine                 1/4 cup
      1/4 cup         Blue Cheese, crumbled              1/3 cup
      1/4 cup         walnuts, coarse chopped            1/3 cup
    2 1/2 TBS         applesauce                         1/4 cup
      3/4 tsp         yeast--RAPID rise                    1 tsp
    1 1/2 tsp         yeast--active dry                    2 tsp

Load machine according to manufacturer's recommendations.