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Re: Herbs & Flavor (or Lack Therof)

Chuck Anderson <chester@pclink.com>
Sat, 27 Jan 1996 22:33:00 -0800
>Have noticed many times when I use herbs in a bread machine recipe, the
>final result is less than satisfactory.  Yesterday, I was very disappointed
>when I made a dill bread from Bread Machine Magic - using lots of dill and
>lots of dried onion.  It smelled great and all that, but when I took a
>taste, there was little, if any, of either the dill or the onion.
>My herbs/spices are not old - and work fine for regular cooking.  What
>causes this in the bread machine?  Has anyone else had this problem?   
>Thanks for any help!

I'm not sure what to do about the dill taste, you could try soaking it in the
water you're going to use for the bread and add the whole mix in.  This
sometimes brings out the flavor in some spices.

But the onion problem can be solved by using fresh onions, not dried onions.
To me, dried onions have the flavor dried out of them also.

Hope this
Chuck Anderson

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