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"R.C. Sagnella" <zeno@voicenet.com>
Sat, 27 Jan 96 14:40:44 EST
>To: cmatthew@iadfw.net
>From: "R.C. Sagnella" <zeno@voicenet.com>
>Subject: To Rise Early or Late
>We purchase our yeast in two pound packs - Bread Star - for about two
>dollars. You might try a Farmer's Market for this brand.  (Yeast is sealed
>in  aluminum.)  We place the unused portion is a large jar in the
>refrigerator, where it keeps virtually indefinitely.  (We never had a
>problem with it.)
>As for the difference between fast and regular rising yeast, I don't think
>there is a "real" difference.