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Yeast Free Bread

Joel.Ehrlich@salata.com (Joel Ehrlich)
31 Dec 95 07:39:45 -0800
 ow> From: Dave Hastings <daveh@microsoft.com>

 ow> | From: bj3@ix.netcom.com (BJ)
 ow> | Subject: Yeast-free breads
 ow> |

 ow> | In the recent past (or as far back as you can conveniently go), has
 ow> anyone | submitted yeast-free bread recipes that you could forward to
 ow> me???
 ow> I don't know if this is the sort of thing you're looking for, but the
 ow> _Joy  of Cooking_ has a couple of recipies for salt-rising bread.  One
 ow> based on  potato pulp, and one on stone ground corn meal.  Let me know
 ow> if you can't  get access to a copy of the book.  I've never made
 ow> either.
 ow> I'm new here, so a short introduction is probably in order.  I'm Dave
 ow> Hastings.  I live in the Seattle area (Carntion actually) I bake bread
 ow> by  hand (large bowl, large wooden spoon).

 ow> - -daveh

Those breads are _not_ yeast free. They use native or "wild" yeast
instead of commercial yeast. That is the reason the initial sponge is
allowed to sit out in the open for a period of time. It is where the
native yeast (which is _everywhere_) comes into contact with the mix.

What that means is, just as with a true sourdough bread, these breads
rise due to the action of yeast. They are most decidedly not yeast free.