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Burned Bread

Joel.Ehrlich@salata.com (Joel Ehrlich)
27 Dec 95 07:48:13 -0800
 ow> From: BILL.FLAVIN
 ow> Date: 20 Dec 95 11:21:49 EDT
 ow> Subject: Burned bread???

 ow> Hi all,
 ow> I need some help.  I've had and used  the small Wel-Bilt machine
 ow> for about a year.  Over that time, I've had very few failures.
 ow> Generally, I make the basic egg bread with additions such as
 ow> garlic, onion, oregano, chiles, cheese, etc.  Occasionally, I'll
 ow> try something exotic.  The problem is that of late, almost all the
 ow> loaves have come out extremely well done, almost burned.
 ow> The inside of the bread is ok -- a bit too dry -- but the crust
 ow> is way too dark, even on the light setting.  And they don't seem
 ow> to be rising quite as much.  Any ideas will be appreciated.

You haven't given us much with which to work but...

It almost sounds like your dough may be too dry causing your bread not
to rise enough. With the Wel-Bilt and DAK machines I've noticed that, if
the pan isn't fulled, all the heat gets applied to the part of the pan
holding the bread. That gets too hot and the crust gets too dark.