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Hitachi and Rising

Gina Rodriguez <grodrigu@nmsu.edu>
Fri, 15 Dec 1995 10:23:55 -0700
I've seen recent discussion about the Hitachi Bread Maker and the problem
with rising.  I too own a Hitachi and had posted awhile back about the small
loaves of bread I was getting (about 6 inches).  I called Hitachi yesterday
and asked them about the problem with the rising and I was told that most of
the time when they service a Hitachi because of this problem they have found
the problem to be with the ingredients not the machine.  I was told not to
use refrigerated ingredients such as yeast, flour, etc. - it has to be room
temperature; also the water has to be lukewarm not cold like the manual
states; I was also told to use Bread Flour not All-Purpose Flour; and last I
was told that store bought mixes have never risen well.  I am going to try
all of the above and see if I start getting larger loaves!  Does anyone know
if it is true about the store bought mixes?

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