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Bread Machine Mixes as Gifts

wmay@aplcore.jhuapl.edu (Wendy L. May)
Fri, 15 Dec 95 10:24:11 EST
Hi everyone,

There has been some talk on this list of people making up pre-mixed
bread machine ingredients to give as holiday gifts.  I thought this was a 
wonderful idea and made up baskets for my mother-in-law and grandma.

A little hint:  I didn't want to put the mixes in zip-loc bags because I
thought there must be something that looks a little better.  The perfect
solution - go to your local pet store and ask them to give you some of the
bags that they put fish in!  They are the perfect size and guaranteed to be
sturdy and leak-proof.  Some stores sell them, others will probably just give
them to you if you only need a few.  Put the dry ingredients in, twist the
bag closed, secure with a rubber band and tie on a festive ribbon.  Voila!

Hope this helps some of you who may be thinking of giving bread machine
gifts this Christmas!