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schapin@mitre.org (Susan Chapin)
Mon, 27 Nov 1995 08:42:50 -0500
        Re Debra Widera's query on the BREADMAN machine. We have had the
        model for about a year and use it 4 - 5 times a week. On the plus
side. it's
        been rock-solid reliable and clean-up couldn't be simpler. On the
minus side,
        it's a bit noisy and it doesn't offer the degree of 'customization'
that some
        of the other machines provide.

        In addition to its three basic wheat cycles (light, medium and
dark), it has
        a 'European cycle',. a 'Fruit & Nut" cycle and a dough cycle. The
basic cycle
        takes about 2 1/2 hours and produces breads of a texture somewhat
        than when the same recipes are  made in a Hitachi.  I rather like
the coarse
        texture, but my wife prefers a finer grained bread. As texture is
governed in
        part by the duration of the kneading cycle (a factor over which one
        have any control) someone suggested we stop the machine after the first
        kneading and restart it -- but the Trillium doesn't allow you to do
        Bottom line: If you like coarse-textured breads, you'll find the
        machine very satisfactory.

Two comments:

(1)  Yes you can extend the knead cycle.  Just turn off the machine (press
STOP and hold for a second or two) and restart it.  The two-minute slow mix
cycle will be repeated, but that won't hurt anything.  You can use this
technique to insert a rest period for heavy doughs, too.

 (2)  The new model has a lot more cycles and other things, specifically
including a rest period and a number of longer cycles which will create a
finer grain.  I just bought one for my daughter and noticed that much;
sorry I don't have details.  The going price for the new model last month,
in Arlington, VA, was $129 to $139.  I love mine, the old model, and my
daughter says she loves hers, the new model, but note she has had it only
for two days = two loaves of bread from mixes.

        - susan (schapin@mitre.org;  all opinions above are mine all mine;
my employer doesn't necessarily endorse them or even know about them.)

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