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re: Milk in microwave

Mon, 20 Nov 95 10:11:51 EST
     <Marianne Hu <hu@satchmo.virtualprototypes.ca> wrote: 

     <Bess, Ellen et al,

     <I once read that it's not advisable to microwave milk in the 
     <microwave.  Something about retaining some radioactivity!?  Has 
     <anyone else heard anything about this?

     Hi all,

     There are no radioactive substances ie uranium/plutonium used in 
     microwaves.  Just look at the back of your microwave.  Federal law 
     requires the yellow and black radiation sticker to be applied.

     Microwaves are electrical currents pulsed at a different frequency 
     than house current.  Electricity moving through a wire 'radiates' 
     energy in a circular pattern around the wire. 

     The microwave energy is transformed in the food/milk into heat energy. 
     So yes - all foods retain the radiated energy in the form of heat.