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Fri, 20 Oct 1995 23:37:59 -0700
Thanks for all the helpful hints & recipes this past year.

Re:	Hitachi

In using our 2 year old Hitachi recently the loaves just quit rising on 4 
hr. or timed cycle.  On dough cycle items turned out great.  For 2 weeks I 
have just made dough & baked loaves in the oven.  I called the 800 #
& was told to be sure the "flipper" was clean & turned evenly or take 
it to a repair station.  I have cleaned it like I usually do with a 
baby bottle brush.  On Sunday I decided it had rested enough & made a
plain white loaf from the Hitachi book adding more yeast & it turned
out perfect.  Moral:  Let it rest from making 4 loaves a week.

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