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Gluten-Free Mixes and Spelt

"Ann Miner" <annminer@pgh.nauticom.net>
Mon, 9 Oct 1995 09:51:01 +0000
Here is some interesting information I saw in a magazine for those 
allergic to wheat:

>From Good Housekeeping November/1995

Wheat-Free Baking
"Now there are baking mixes for people sensitive to gluten - a protein in
wheat, oats, abarley, and rye.  Cooking teacher Beth Hillson - who, along
with her 8-year-old son, can't digest gluten - has created a line of
wheat-free/gluten-free mixes for such

goodies as sugar cookies, biscotti, even white and challah bread (make with
or without a bread machine).
  We were especially pleased with the chocolate truffle brownies, among the
most decadent we've tasted in a long time.  Priced at $3.95 to $5.95, plus
shipping.  For a product list, write to:

           The Gluten-Free Pantry
           P.O. Box 881
           Glastonbury  CT  06033-0881

 Or call:  203-633-3826."

Also, on the subject of spelt ... I have read that spelt is so close 
to wheat that most people who are allergic to wheat will also not be 
able to tolerate spelt.  I have a couple of notes from a doctor on 
the subject if anyone is interested.