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There was a request for a Vegetable Sandwich Loaf and I found this one.
Due to the requests, I will post both versions for the 1 lb and the 1.5
lb. loaves.  My thanks to Doug for the suggested format.

Watch the water content on the vegetables for this one so that your dough
is not too wet.  You simply check the dough after the machine has been on,
at about the 5 minute level.  If the dough is too loose and wet, add more
flour, a tablespoon at a time, until it pulls from the side and lumps more
firm and smooth like it should.  Not a loaf recommended for the first time 
user.  I have not made this with the puree (comments follow)...but I fondly
remember a confetti studded loaf with tomato, basil and sour cream 
sandwiches (or perhaps a fresh pepper sandwich) skim swiss cheese...dijon 
mustard, white wine!--one memorable picnic on Mt. Rainier--Oh yes, the 
recipe!  *:)

                         Vegie Wheat Loaf

    1 lb pound loaf      Ingredients                   1.5 lb loaf

   1 1/2 teaspoons       active dry yeast              2 teaspoons   
       2 cups            whole wheat flour             3 cups
                         (or mixed with flour)
   1 1/2 tablespoons    *gluten additive               2 tablespoons
       1 teaspoon        salt                      1 1/2 teaspoons
     1/2 teaspoon      **oregano, dried                1 teaspoon
    1/16 tsp (pinch)     cayenne pepper              1/8 teaspoon        
     1/2 cup             water (I like 2% milk)        3/4 cup
       1 tablespoon      honey                     1 1/2 tablespoons
        2 teaspoons   ***onion dry minced              1 tablespoons
      1/3 cup        ****cooked vegetables, pureed   1/2 cup    
                         carrots, broccoli, peas
                         or corn 

      1/4 teaspoon       liquid lecithin (optional)  1/2 teaspoon               

    Put all ingredients in machine according to your manufacturer's
    specifications.  Select Basic Bread Cycle, light crust.  Be 
    sure the vegetables are cooled.  

    This is one recipe I have really played with; and, with happy 
    results.  It makes a great vegetable sandwich; a lovely compliment
    for soups, stews, or little teas sandwiches spreach with cream 
    cheese and fresh dill/olive slice garnish.  Play with this one...
    some suggestions follow:   

    *gluten additive     helps from dough elasticity  I don't use this.
                         If I want a higher loaf, I usually lower the
                         salt.  I found no need for gluten in this loaf.

   **oregano, dried      I love fresh herbs and personally use the 2 
                         fresh to 1 dried conversions  Finely chop or
                         process fresh herbs in mill, processor or blender.
                         I have used basil or dill with wonderful results. 

  ***onion, dry mince    I love fresh onions.  I normally use fine chopped
                         scallion (don't forget the stems), or white onions.  
                         Be aware fresh ones might affect the shelf life of 
                         this loaf.  I never have any left over after the 
                         sandwich mentioned above. Makes my mouth water!  
                         I have use the dried minced onion flakes.  You 
                         get a slight crunchy texture.

 ****vegetable puree     To be honest this I have not done.  I did not want
                         a "colored" bread...but a "confetti bread".  The
                         pretty flecks of a fine dice broccoli/carrot and/
                         or corn is sooooooo pretty.  I carefully drain
                         the vegetables and pat very dry.  I then carefully
                         dice them down in the processor to look like 
                         confetti bits.  You could use all green vegies,
                         cabbage or a fine chopped fresh spinach leaf.
                         be aware of your storage desires.  The puree would
                         last one or two days longer, I am sure. 

*****Lecithin            I have never added this.  It acts as a preservative
                         in this application.  In health applications it
                         works on cholesterol and helps to break down fat 
                         and stimulate bile secretion for your liver.  You
                         can buy capsules in your local food chain in the 
                         vitamin section, or use granuals.  Both will work.
                         And, of coarse, there's the health food stores.