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sdrennan@chat.carleton.ca (Steve Drennan)
Mon, 28 Aug 95 18:14:28 EDT
	I have a Black & Decker bread machine and it has a dough
setting like most bread makers. Anyways, I am interested in making the
dough to eventually make bagels, but not just any bagels. I once had
CHERRY BAGELS and they were great but we can't seem  to buy them
anywhere. Does anyone have a solution to this frustration. Please
e-mail me direct if possible to:
	sdrennan@chat.carleton.ca  <------ Current address
	addicted@compmore.net      <------ Future address

Many thanks in advance!

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Mr. Steve Drennan - Mechanical Engineer '95    &
Mrs. Jacinda Drennan - Sociology '94
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

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Email address: sdrennan@chat.carleton.ca