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Donna G's, French Honey Bread

"Rob Ryerson" <RYERSONRA@compctr.ccs.csus.edu>
Thu, 6 Jul 1995 06:22:16 PST
Here's the requested recipe. Note I haven't made it, just entered it 
into Micro Cookbook for formatting and nutritional information. I may 
try it, but will have to choose a substitute for the oil. I guessed 
at a number of servings. Enjoy, Rob

French Honey Bread

10  Servings

Wonderful, slightly sweet French bread with a light, crispy crust.

3/4	cup water
2	teaspoons honey
2	teaspoons olive oil
2/3	teaspoon salt
2/3	teaspoon sugar
2	cups bread flour
1 1/2	teaspoons yeast

Add all ingredients to bread machine pan, in order suggested by your 
manufacture. Select appropriate cycle, and start.

Amount Per Serving
Calories  112        Calories from Fat  13
Percent Total Calories From:
Fat   12%        Protein   12%        Carb.  76%

Nutrient	Amount per		% Daily
		Serving		Value
Total Fat		1	g	2%
Saturated Fat		0	g	1%
Cholesterol		0	mg	0%
Sodium		156	mg	6%
Total Carbohydrate	21	g	7%
Dietary Fiber		0	g	0%
Protein		3	g

Vitamin A   0%        Vitamin C   0%        Iron   7%