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Gluten Free Help

phyllis.johnpoll@ncsl.org (Phyllis Johnpoll)
Thu, 6 Jul 1995 13:18:47 GMT
more ways than one, since the person I was making it for is not only
unable to tolerate gluten, he can't have any soy, corn, or dairy
products. So we had to REALLY play with the recipe. The result was
stupendous: He sat and munched his way through a loaf of bread with a
grin the size of Milwaukee on his face. (No, we're not in Wisconsin, but
it's about the right size city nonetheless...) I tasted it and it wasn't
bad. Dense, but okay.

He says he'll buy a bread machine if we can prove to him that it'll make
lots of different kinds of breads. Does anyone have a favourite
gluten-free recipe to share with me? The one I made was Mock Rye, and we
were able to handle the required substitutions (mostly for the non-fat
dry milk) ourselves, so you don't need to play with your own recipes.

My friend and I thank you in advance.