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Mike Strock <mstrock@eskimo.com>
Fri, 07 Jul 95 19:48:30 -0500
DC>Just bought my first bread making machine (I normally make bread by hand 
weekly during the winter months, but it just heats up the kitchen too 
DC>much in the summer in L.A.), and I already have my first disaster.

DC>Bought an Oster, which makes both 1.5 and 1 lb. loaves. For the first 
loaf, I used a Krusteaz sourdough bread machine mix just to give it a 
DC>tryout. The loaf hardly rose - it's supposed to be 1.5 lb, but it's only 
about 4" high. Still cooling off a bit, but I assume that at this  density,
it is DC>probably not done inside, or at the very least, probably  not a
good texture. 

DC>I'm going to call the company later this morning, but in the meantime, 
anyone else have an Oster. Maybe I got the wrong machine...

  I have the same Oster machine that you have (I think, I got it at Costco)
and occasionally have the same problem you did.  I THINK that it has to do
with the temperature of the water that you added to the bread mix and the
yeast.  I've found that keeping the water temp between 70 and 80 degrees
Farenheit is best (middle range is best, of course)...I've had problems such
as this when trying to 'wing it' without first checking the temp of the
water added.

Hope that helps!

Mike Strock