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troubleshooting bread machines

cbacke@lsumc.edu (Cheryl Backes)
Fri, 9 Jun 95 08:21:47 -0500
I appreciate all of the feedback regarding my problems with the Breadman
Plus.  Sometimes I feel like it would be easier to make the bread by "hand."
I have thought that maybe I am expecting too much from the machine, and I
would like to know exactly what other people's experiences are with loaf
loft, etc.  My dough usually rises very high, but then sinkswith sourdou
flat or sunken.  The highest loaf I've ever achieved (even using the maximum
amount of ingredients) is about 8 inches.  Is this normal?  None of my
loaves have rounded tops, either.  I do tend to use part whole grains in all
of the loaves - could this be affecting it?  I'm starting to suspect the
humidity down here in New Orleans (I usually reduce the liquid in all
recipes by at least 2 Tbsp.).  Does anyone else out there have a similar
experience with climate?  I have tried dough enhancers, etc., all with the
same results.  Should I think that maybe there is a problem with the
machine?  I've had it 6 months, and have tried just about everything I could
think of (or that was suggested), and I still can't get consistently good
results.  HELP!