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Bad Bread Results

Joel.Ehrlich@salata.com (Joel Ehrlich)
07 Jun 95 05:51:19 -0800
 Responding to: CURTISK@NKU.EDU

 MK> We have a friend here who has a Dak breadmaker which is not putting
 MK> out good bread.  I told him that maybe it was the breadmaker and
 MK> someone said that they went out of business.  Is this so?  Who would
 MK> handle repairs for this?  He really loves his breadmaker and makes a
 MK> lot of bread  Mary Curtis

 Yes, they're out of business. That means there's no one to help your
 friend but us.

 A bread machine is only a machine. While it is possible for a machine
 to be bad and produce disappointing bread, it is highly unusual. It's
 more often the person using it expecting it to be truly automatic and
 not understanding the role they must play in the cycle.

 Why not tell us more about the problem? Once you tell us what kind(s)
 of bread are being tried and what kind of results they are getting, I'm
 pretty sure we'll be able to figure out what is wrong and what needs to
 be done to get the kind of results they want.


... Sandwich: a faulty attempt to make both ends meat.