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annminer@nauticom.net (Ann Miner)
Wed, 24 May 1995 09:14:35 -0400
A couple points:
  About the recipe software.  I'm an enthusiastic MasterCook user.  There is
also a terrific shareware program available now which you can use to format
"unformatted" recipes for importing into MasterCook (or to go through
Meal-Master's conversion program for that matter).  You can do the
formatting with mouse clicks - very easy and efficient.  The program is
called TXTTOMC and is available on the Arion (makes MasterCook) home page:
http://www.arion.com/mstrcook.html and in the Windows cooking library on AOL
(among other places, I'm sure.)

  About Irwin Franzel and the Delta Rehab (sellers of Zoji S15s).  I bought
a Zoji from Irwin last year and have met him personally.  He does a great
job and is very knowledgeable about baking in the Zoji.  He has recently
discounted his machines another $10 or so.  He will E-mail a catalog to you
- he's availabe at CPXD31A@prodigy.com