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Menu Management Program Suggestion

km@salata.com (Karen Mintzias)
18 May 95 16:34:41 -0800
JE>  Meal Master is a great program. You have cited its greatest
JE>  shortcoming. If you don't wany a rigid format like M-M, try
JE> QBook. It  too is sharware but has the virtue of being a
JE> free-format recipe file  manager.

I think it needs to be mentioned however, that Meal-Master is a full-fledged
database program, with boolean search mechanisms available for ALL parts of a
recipe, shopping lists, resizing, and Metric-English conversions, while Qbook
is basically a shell that allows archiving of text and searching on
user-specified "keywords".

ObBreadStuff:  My sourdough starter (made with only flour, water and a bit of
fruitsource syrup) seems to be thriving at long last, and now I'd like to start
making bread with it. Anyone have any tips on doing sourdough in a Hitachi 201
machine?  How much starter do I need to use for a regular loaf?