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aa122@detroit.freenet.org (John F Davis)
Wed, 17 May 1995 12:35:10 -0400
Cdluria@aol.com Writes:

>Can anyone recommend a good 'Recipe Manager' program, either Shareware or a

>I downloaded a program called MEAL-MASTER. For building up a recipe file from
>scratch, it wouldn't be bad. But for importing existing recipes it I find it
>exceedingly rigid. Not only do I have to rewrite each recipe to fit the
>program's format, but the error-handling routines do not allow for easy
>access or correction -- at least, not in the version posted on the BBS.

There are probrams such as QBTOMM which make the importation of recipies
in Meal Masher (er) Master easier.  However I like Q-Book myself.  True it
lacks many of the advanced features Meal Master has such as the ability to
print a "Shopping list" for you but it will let you import in most any format
with little editing.  I have recipes in my file that were originally Q-Book.
Meal Master, Master Cook, and Kitchen Assistant as well as my favorate which
is MANUAL V1.26.51  (and or HAND-TYPE V 1.26.51)

With Q-Book you put "-Begin Recipe Export-" before the message
and then "Title: " followed by the title on the next line and
"Keywords:" followed by keyword1, keyword2, keyword3 (what ever the keywords
are, for example any recipe imported from this list would have
Keywords: ABM, Bread, (more if needed)

Need more keywords than will fit on one line,  Well you can have a second
Keywords: line, or a third or 4th or however many

Next comes the text of the "recipe" (Actually any text file up to 72 char's
wide, that's the ONLY format consideration in this part) and finally a
"-End Recipe Export-"

Now in case you haven't guessed, -Begin Recipe Export-,Title: ,Keywords: and
-End Recipe Export- are all macro keys on my word processor so they are easy

The file is stored in compressed format as well thus saving you many bytes of
disk space (I understand the latest Meal Masher will do that too but haven't
seen it up close).

Searching is on titles and keywords only.  The latest version allows you to
search on multi keywords using the and/or/not logic (IE: BREAD and ABM or
BREAD not ABM if you don't want to use the abm to make it)  Neet program.

The latest version also allows you to change all occurances of a given keyword
to something else.  Example MACHINE to ABM or the other way around.

And there is much more.

You can also do "Manual Imports" where you mark a recipe from a text (ASCII)
file and then give the program the title and keywords.  It provides it's own
-Begin Recipe Export- and -End Recipe Export- but I don't like that feature as
it's way too slow on this venerable old 8088,  Yes it runs in dos, and on a
8088 with a herc card.  Only one considerations CONFIG.SYS must say FILES=30
or so as if you don't have a FILES statment in CONFIG.SYS it will crash!

   John F Davis In Delightful Detroit, Mi.    aa122@detroit.freenet.org