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West Bend recall

Fri, 05 May 1995 16:40:25 EDT
Subj:   Bread Maker

My brother sent me this note today.  I thought some other folks 
might like to know:

My West Bend bread maker was just recalled to correct an
overheating problem that can start a fire.  West Bend bread
machines manufactured between June 1, 1994 and April 9, 1995 (as
marked on the information sticker on the back of the machine) are
subject ro recall.  Mine was manufactured on 12/01/94 and so it
is in the middle of the time interval.  West Bend will have UPS
drop off a shipping box for the bread maker, pick it up 3 days
later, and deliver the repaired machine 3 weeks later with 6 free
bread mixes. 

That sort of means that I will be without a bread machine for 4
weeks.  But the kids have stopped eating the bread as fast as I
make it like they did for the first few months.