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Re: BREAD Digest V6 #15

jfmorgan@netcom.com (Jim Morgan)
Mon, 24 Apr 1995 07:34:16 -0700 (PDT)
This is for Phyllis *BB* and her question about the SETTING on the 
DAK--(I sent a reply for setting the clock and forgot to send something 
about the timer on the machine.  So here it is):


IMPT:  do not use the timer when making bread that contains ingreditents 
that can easily spoil, such as eggs, butter, milk and meats.  to prevent 
the quality of ingredients from deteriorating, the timer cannot be 
programmed to delay operation for periods over 12 hours.
NOTE:  when you set the timer, you are actually setting the end tiame, 
when the bread will be ready to eat (this includes the dough-making time, 
the baking time and the cooling time).
1.  make sure the innter pot and dough blade are properly installed, then 
prepare the ingredients for the selected bread.
2.  place the active dry yeast (at room temperature) in the inner pot.
3.   according to the recipe that you are using: add the dry ingredients 
to the innter pot and then add the liquid ingredients last.  (liquids 
should be 120 to 130 degrees F to activate the yeast).
4.  press TURBO button if you wish to use the faster baking mode.
5.  press the SELECT buttoin repeatedly to select the type of bread to be 
6.  press the TIMER SET button. (the timer display lights)
7.  press the HOUR and MINUTE buttons to set the time that you want the 
bread-making cycle to end.  (timer can only be set in 10-minute increments)
8.  press the TIMER SET button again (a beep sound is heard and the TIMER 
indicator lights up.  the clock display reappears)
   NOTE: if a mistake is made during timer setting, a long beep will be 
heard.  in this case,or if you want to change the programed 
"end-of-baking" times, press the CLEAR/STOP button,then respeat steps6-8.
9.  to display the programed end-of-baking time for 3 seconds, press the 
TIMER SET button.
10.  when the baking cycle is finished, the beeper sounds.

hope this helps, phyllis.

{marlene :)}