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Thu, 06 Apr 95 09:55:53 EST
To: bread-digest@cykick.infores.com
Subject: Slicing/DAK/Temps/..?..

All this talk about slicing......
I have a DAK wich I absolutely _LOVE_
(also have the DAK dehydrator and other goodies from them).

Anyway, First I noticed a LOT of people on the list have DAK's.
Didn't anybody get the slicing jig they offered? It fits the loaves
perfectly and the slots in it provide for perfect slices evertime even
_HOT_ bread slices nicely. they offered it as part of a package deal
along w/ an electric(battery) flour sifter. I too got a 14" bread
knife from my local resteraunt supply store here in NH for $12. and it
is great!

Does anybody have a way to get in touch w/ DAK. I need a new Pan
because I wore the coating right off mine and the bread is starting to
stick.  The # I have doen not work(no answer). I heard they went out
of business but I cant get any confirmation on that.

As far as tempertures of ingredients, I never bother w/ them! The
yeast comes straight out of the fridge as does the 1 egg I always out
in to help fight the effects of altitude here in NH. the hot water is
straight from the top as hot as

it can get. I have NEVER had a loaf "fail" on me _except_ for my first
attemp @ pumbernickel, but thats becaue i did not put _ANY_ white
flour or gluten in it.  you shoudl have seen that stupid crow trying
to flu off w/ the 3.5 pound loaf in its talons. it was a real sight to
see. And cleaning my machine! perish the thought! I think I had run
the blade and pan through the dishwasher once or twice @ the most
since I got it. I just(sometimes) wipe the "leavings" out of the pan
and start on the next loaf.

Is ther a "real time" version of this list...(ie "not digest")

[Note from Jim - No there isn't; I can't really take any more time
to filter the "subscribe," etc. requests. Also, the traffic doesn't
really support it.]