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Re: Raisin Paska Bread

Michelle Smith <smithml@lafvax.lafayette.edu>
Thu, 06 Apr 1995 11:01:01 -0500 (CDT)
Hello from Easton, Pennsylvania.  I have a Breadman Plus bread maker--which
hasn't given me any problems in the seven months that I have had it.  I was
wondering if anyone has a Raisin Paska Bread recipe.  I believe it is an
Easter bread, because that is when it is sold around here.  The bread is
moist and sweet with raisins.  I was also wondering if anyone has some good
fruit bread recipes they would be willing to share with me either through
the list or privately.  I have been using a few different raisin/cinnamon
bread recipes, but usually the bread becomes hard the next day, and 
does not have very much flavor even though I add cinnamon and sometimes
nutmeg.  Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance for your help!!

Michelle Smith
Provost's Office
Lafayette College
Easton, Pennsylvania