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Tue, 28 Mar 1995 21:48:39 -0400 (EDT)
 The rule for cooling bread works fine.  Put it on a rack for at least 15
minutes to a half hour to firm up--no it won't be cold.  I went to the
restaurant supply place on Second Street and bought a commercial bread slicing
knife for $9.00--no more William Sonoma for me.  I love a good restaurant
supply house.  If you don't do anything else for yourself, locate one of these. 
They are learning to appreciate individual customers, and are happy to sell you
one or two items.  I love my knife so much that when I take bread to people's
houses I take my own knife along because I know that it will always slice
perfectly.  It is serrated that is correct, but a tiny bit rounded.  If you
can't find one of these shops near your home then ask your butcher to help you
find a place for a good knife.  You need to ask a small butcher shop because
they will be happy to give you a source.  If worse comes to worse, I can give
you the name of a company that deals in my knife that will ship to you UPS.  No
I have no interest in the company.  When I bought my breadmaker it came with a
Tupperware bread box.  It is perfect for storing bread that keeps all week.  If
you don't know anyone who sells this stuff (I don't) I'm sure all you have to
do is call 800 information and they can give you the Tupperware number.  They
will ship you one of these perfect bread storers.  
Mary Curtis