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laura.brito@llpb.com (Laura Brito)
Tue, 04 Apr 1995 18:06:00 -0600
B > The best thing I ever did for my bread-slicing was to buy a big knife.
B > I'd been using steak knives or dinner knives to cut bread, and often
B > I'd end up with squished, feathered, messy slices of bread.  A big bread
B > knife (of the cheap variety) can cut all the way across the loaf at
B > once, which makes much neater slices.

I found a really excellent item, at Walmart (only thing I can go to 
around here <G>) I bought an electric knife with a holder for the 
bread that will make slices of bread that are exact and uniform! 
really super, expensive though at $30

B > Laura Brito says that using exact amounts of room temperature ingredients
B > is very important for her Hitatchi.
B > 
B > Interesting... my Welbilt (until it died) consistently made good bread
B > with ingredients that mostly came right out of the fridge and weren't
B > measured terribly carefully.  Maybe the cold ingredients didn't matter
B > because it has two kneading cycles, with a rising time in between, which
B > lets the dough come up to room temperature.  (Does the Hitachi do that?)
B > And maybe the imprecise measuring didn't matter because I generally
B > checked the consistency of the bread as it's kneading and add liquid or
B > flour until it looks right.

I have found that it will mix better if room temp, I don't think that 
the exact ingredients will bother the loaf as much, but the Hitachi 
also has the two kneading cycles and a rising time in between...maybe 
it isn't as warm? I guess that could be it? Checking is important and 
alot of people don't check (at I think so hehe) boy do I sound 
opinionated! hehe

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