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Re: BREAD Digest V6 #12

mary_white@sunshine.net (Mary White)
Wed, 29 Mar 95 10:06 PST
This is in reply to Laura's reply to Bob about problems with his Hitachi:

>Exact and room temperature ingredients are very important, I have 
>found this out from over a year with my Hitachi....a friend has 
>another brand and has came to the same conclusion...

I have had my Hitachi for nearly 2 years and I'm still very happy with it,
no problems whatever. I don't worry about temperature, but 90% of the time I
used the timer overnight, so by the time the process starts the ingredients
are er two slices the hole is gone.

I also like to Zo very much.  I bake 
worry about it and have had no problems.
   It's probably true of all bread machines that it's not safe to improvise.
My only failures have been when putting together a loaf late at night and
too tired to bother with a recipe. Once I forgot to put in the yeast! I only
get creative if I'm going to be there when the kneading starts and can check
on the flour/liquid proportions.

>Don't get down, you will figure it out, are you cleaning the container 
>very well? it is imperitive that there is nothing left in it, the 
>paddle has to be taken out and cleaned well, and the best advice I can 
>give you is to make sure you have the stuff at room temperture, and 
>that it is very fresh stuff, and that you measure it very 
>exacting...besides that, be sure to use Bread Flour! Not regular (it 
>will work, but it isn't the same <G>)

I think there's really something wrong with Bob's machine. I rarely clean
the container of my Hitachi, just dust out the dry leftovers, and never
clean the paddle because it's been stuck in for 6 months. I notice very
little difference between bread flour and whatever's on sale. And make
excellent bread. Oops, it's Friday, pizza night, time to start the dough
right now!

Mary White