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Re: Slicing tips and etc...

-sin(1/x) <brianh@copper.ucs.indiana.edu>
Wed, 22 Mar 1995 22:09:05 -0500 (EST)
 > Betsy
 > (anyone have any clever slicing tips?)

I bought something called a Montana Bread Knife.  It has an adjustable
guard on one side of the blade to keep the cut even and it works
really well.  I also bought a Crumb Box.  It has a removable wooden
grated top and a bottom to catch the crumbs.  They each cost $26 from
Williams-Sonoma, and they work.  In addition, I bought one of those
plastic bread boxes (WS has them, but I got mine at Kroger for $11).
I was skeptical, but the box works well.  FINALLY, I got a measuring
beaker from WS that is made of plastic and holds up to 2 cups.  It has
different measuring scales all around it -- making conversion a cinch.
Works a helluva lot better than the 1 cup plastic thing I got with my


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