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pizza crust

Fri, 10 Mar 1995 11:14:02 -0400 (EDT)
 I tried to make pizza crust.  I even spent a bundle for the pan.  But when I
tried to roll it out it wouldn't give.  I did everything the recipe said to do
but it seemed to have a memory of it's own and wouldn't stretch out.  Can
anyone help me.  Also I really would appreciate a recipe for hot dog and
hamburger buns.  I would like to note here that I made a normal loaf of bread
in my machine the other day.  When I finished I wound up with what appeared to
be cornbread crumbs.  After careful reflection I think I know what happened to
my bread.  I had been to the store to buy milk.  I noticed that 1% acidopholous 
milk was the same price as skim milk.  I decided oh well I can live with the 1%
fat content and acidopholous milk is good for you.  I used it in my bread and I
think the cultures must have counteracted the yeast.  Did anyone ever hear of
this.  In case you aren't familiar with acidopholous, this is the good bacteria
that is in yogurt.  It's great in your body because it eats the bad bacteria.
Thanks, Mary Curtis