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laura.brito@llpb.com (Laura Brito)
Thu, 16 Mar 1995 14:44:00 -0600
B > Here's a dialogue with  Bob Jones  that resulted from his posted message. He
B > felt that it should be posted to the list (thanks Bob!):
B > 
B > 
B > Hi Janet,
B > 
B > >Hope my netiquette is okay, since this is my first try at a response via
B > >e-mail. I was intrigued by your posting to the bread digest about the
B > >problem with your Hitachi breadmaker, and would love to post this answer
B > >to the Digest and see who else responds, but I haven't a clue how to do
B > >that without you receiving a copy of the whole Digest! But I will
B > >learn... :^).
B > >
B > 
B > >My Hitachi worked fine for about 2 months, then began doing the same
B > >thing yours is doing.  Previous phone contact with Hitachi in the U.S.
B > >resulted
B > >in a courteous, helpful, cooperative, consumer-oriented response, and on an
B > >800 number yet. Unfortunately, when they found out I was calling from
B > >Canada, they told me I'd have to deal with their Montreal people. No 800
B > >number, and a very rude response that boiled down to "tough, that's not
B > >our problem, talk to whoever sold the machine to you". Needless to say, I
B > >haven't bothered to contact Hitachi about the 'bread hockey pucks'
B > >problem I share with you. I too tried many yeasts and flours and
B > >variations with no luck--it is a machine malfunction we're dealing with here.

I have a Hitachi machine also, it is a really good solid machine, the 
problem you are talking about doesn't seem to happen with mine, I have 
to say that it bakes the best bread I have had from a bread machine!

B > I did call their 800 number several months ago and really didn't get much
B > satisfaction. They offered help like "did you use the exact ingredients in
B > the handbook?" Not much help really.

Exact and room temperature ingredients are very important, I have 
found this out from over a year with my Hitachi....a friend has 
another brand and has came to the same conclusion...

B > >So last week we went back to the store we bought the machine at, and when
B > >I said that I wanted to speak to them about a problem with a bread
B > >machine, the clerk said immediately, "Is it a Hitachi?". Apparently they
B > >were getting an unreasonably large percentage of Hitachi machines being
B > >returned, and they had no hesitation about refunding our money even
B > >though we'd had the machine for about 4 months by then.

To bad to return a good machine like that...but at least they were 

B > This really baffles me. Really all a bread machine does is stir and heat. I
B > can see it stir and I know it heats because it bakes. If fact I know it
B > heats OK because the bread rises OK. When it goes into bake mode, that is
B > just a high heat cycle like an oven. I can't see how the bread machine could
B > be at fault. Did they give you any ideas about the failure mechanism?

Even if you have a couple of tablespoons to much flour can kill a 
loaf, to not enough flour...you have to really be exact (probably you 
know this...sorry if I am going overboard...)

B > >We use our bread machine constantly and really miss it, after 10 years of
B > >making bread the old fashioned way every 2 weeks; but we're reluctant to
B > >try Hitachi again. Unfortunately, the selection here is meagre; and we
B > >would have to buy a machine without many of the features we enjoyed with
B > >the Hitachi if we change brands.  For the time, we remain in limbo,
B > >gathering info on other brands and hoping the local selection will improve.
B > >
B > >Can you let me know what happens in your case?  I assume you'll have to
B > >deal with Hitachi since you've had your machine 2 yrs. Best of luck to you!!
B > 
B > I will let you know if I ever resolve the mystery.

I haven't ever tried dough enhancer with my machine, I have been 
tempted, but I have about 5 bread machine books and about 2 inches of 
internet bread recipes that I use regularly...and they all come out 

I have done some dough only recipes and I have to say that it is 
heaven on earth to eat some Orange Cinnamon Rolls that I have a recipe 
to....I invented a orange cream cheese topping, and believe me, they 
are gone in about 10 minutes...all 20 rolls...hehehe

just delicious!

Don't get down, you will figure it out, are you cleaning the container 
very well? it is imperitive that there is nothing left in it, the 
paddle has to be taken out and cleaned well, and the best advice I can 
give you is to make sure you have the stuff at room temperture, and 
that it is very fresh stuff, and that you measure it very 
exacting...besides that, be sure to use Bread Flour! Not regular (it 
will work, but it isn't the same <G>)
Hope I helped you alittle....I hope so...

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