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Which bread machine to purchase?

vida@crsa.bu.edu (Vida Jakabhazy)
Thu, 9 Mar 1995 00:00:48 -0500
I received a Panasonic b.m. as a present and am trying to decide if it is
the right one for my needs.  I'd love to get opinions from folks.  (I know
there's a Consumer Reports article about b.m.s but that was the middle of
last year but I believe there are additional models out there now.)

Quick background on the Panasonic: 
model SD-BT10P, whole wheat and basic bread modes, 13-hr timer, 1lb
loaves, rapid bake mode (3hrs), light crust setting, and dough mode
(and even though it was a gift, I know it cost $149)

Would folks suggest suitable models given the following criteria (not in
any particular order):

1) square loaf (and preferably one that fits inside those Tupperware
   sandwich containers. The Panasonic is just a bit too long in one
   dimension but can easily be trimmed down.)

2) 1lb loaf pan (or a 1.5lb loaf provided you can still make recipes for
   1lb'ers in the larger pans - we're only 2 people)

3) variable crust color settings

4) whole wheat mode (ie. direct drive like the Panasonic)

5) dough mode

6) timer

7) cooling mechanism (According to Panasonic's Customer Service, you must
   take the loaf out when the baking cycle has completed otherwise suffer
   the consequences.  I want the flexibility of not having to take the
   bread out of the machine to cool provided the engineering on these
   mechanisms is sound.)

8) quiet (don't want to hear it in the next room)

9) under $200

10) decent track record in terms of longevity and durability

Does such a machine exist or should I keep the Panasonic?

Vida Jakabhazy