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"Michael E. Grabenstein" <mikeg@sun.gsfc.nasa.gov>
Thu, 02 Mar 1995 10:23:32 -0500
	I have a Regal and love it. The pan broke in the 11th month of the
12 month warranty and Regal fixed it for free and paid me for my shipping.
(Shiped it back to me free and sent me a check for the shipping charges I
had paid for to send it to them.) I am very happy the machine gets what I
consider heavy use... A 25 pound bag of flour lasts me between 1 and 2
months. That is white bread flour, which does not account for the Wheat
and Rye I use at times too throughout the month... :-)

	The December 1993 issue of Consumer reports ran down Bread
machines (Mine, Regal placed second, or thrid). I bet the December 1994
listed bread machines too, but I have not checked...

	I think this was the order:
1)	Zori.
2)	BreadMan
3)	Regal

	One thing consumer reports noted about the BreadMan is that it had
a 3 year warranty (Nice). 

	The Zori. that made it into the top position was their top of the
line that year. Zori's lower priced model was horribly low on the list...

	One I have my eye on is the Oster 2 lb. Machine. Looks very
similar to the BreadMan's 2 lb. machine, but more inexpensive... Anyone
have one? It was brand new fall of 1994. 

	But I am too happy with my Regal to buy any... Regal also had a
new model last year. Lots of bells and whistles... anyone have one? I
think it made a 2 lb loaf too...

	One thing to look for with the new 2 lb machines is the height of
the pan. Some of the 2lb pans don't seem any taller, just fatter. When
what you want is a longer loaf that will produce more slices, not a bigger

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