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Panasonic Bread Machine Help

Spiros Triantafyllopoulos <strianta@indy.net>
Fri, 17 Feb 1995 21:36:51 -0500 (EST)
[crossposted from rec.foods.cooking]

Let me see if the wisdom of the net will save me this time....

A few months ago we purchased a Panasonic Bread Machine, SD-BD65P A few
dozen loaves later the kneading paddle became loose in the axle, to the
effect that it popped out of the axle. I do not remember it being THAT
loose before. Inspection of the paddle revealed that its plastic bushing
was a bit worn out, thus the wobble.

The cross section of the axle is a D shape, and the 'corners' of the D
were worn out, to be more precise.

I replaced both the kneading blade and the kneading blade axle for
$25 a piece (thank you, Panasonic, i.e. up yours). The new parts
demonstrate similar wobble. These are brand new parts from Matsuhita
Electric, AKA Panasonic, and while at the parts store I read the 
service manual myself which specified the correct spare parts for 
what I got.

I have not tried the machine since because I might end up returning
the parts or exchanging them. 

Has anyone run into the above before? Any insights will be appreciated.

Thanks much!

Spiros (breadless in Indianapolis)
Spiros Triantafyllopoulos                          strianta@indy.net
Carmel, Indiana                                    OUZO POWER