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Re: Timer & Dough Cycle, Stuck Blade

michael.niemann@mail.trincoll.edu (Michael Niemann)
Wed, 8 Feb 1995 08:20:23 +0500
>From: byates@Newbridge.COM (Barbara Yates)
>I got a Zojirushi (the big one with the Home Made Menu feature) for
>Christmas and the instruction book says you cannot program Dough and
>use the timer. I was wondering if anyone has accomplished that feat
>using the Home Made Menu?
You could create a dough cycle using the home made menu option simply by
skipping the second rise and bake cycles (just press the button again to go
to the next feature) however, that would not let you accomplish what you
want, i.e., using the timer.  You can use the timer only for the Basic and
French Bread cycles, you cannot use the timer for the home made cycle.  I
was just as disappointed as you were when I found that out. I can
understand why they Raisin, cake and jam cycles would not work on the timer
since they all require some kind of action during or after the procedure,
but the dough cycle should work with the timer.
>I have another question for anyone with a Zo. The pamphlet that came
>with it from King Arthur Flour (I mail-ordered the machine since I
>can't buy a Zo in Canada) said the most common complaint about the Zo
>is the kneading blade being stuck in the pan after you bake your bread.
>They suggest oiling the shaft before placing the blade on it. To
>unstick the blade you need to soak the pan with warm water in it for 30
>minutes.  Well, oiling the inside of the blade hole and oiling the
>shaft has not helped me. EVERY loaf (about 12 different recipes so far)
>has had the blade stuck in the bread pan, resulting in a torn loaf
>bottom (not too bad).  The only thing the oiling seems to help is
>freeing the stuck blade from the shaft after brief soaking in warm

I am not sure, but I think that the sticking problem refers to getting the
blade out of the pan afterwards not to having the blade remain in the loaf.
Why would you want the blade to remain in the loaf?  Even if you were to
pry it out afterwards, the bottom crust would still have a hole.  We just
start slicing from the bottom first and afteener - as it
was before the i

I also like to Zo very much.  I bake mostly sourdoughs without yeast and
the home made cycle is a real help there.

Michael Niemann

P.S.  I just joined this list and it seems a great place to exchange
information about bread makers.  Do you guys also exchange recipes?