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Storage of bread and flour

Tue, 24 Jan 1995 8:20:58 -0600 (CST)
	I have questions about storing bread and flour.  Currently I
store baked bread in aplastic bag, after it has cooled.  But I notice that
this makes the crispy crust go away and leaves us with just a chewy
crust.  I don't like this, and would prefer a way to keep the bread from
getting stale and crispy, but keep the crust nice and crispy.  
	About flour: I know some flour one should keep in the fridge.  I
keep my whole wheat flour and rye flour there.  How about other kinds of
flour, like semolina flour.  What criteria should I use in deciding whether
to keep the flour in the fridge or not.  BTW, I live in Iowa, where it is
quite dry for a good part of the year, but can be humid in the summer.  In
the summer we seem to keep *everything* in the fridge. :)


	Jen Griffin