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Warning: re: "Wheat free Banana Nut Bread"

schapin@mitre.org (Susan Chapin)
Wed, 11 Jan 95 07:57:47 EST
I received this message in email and thought I should post it to the group:

>Susan -
>Just saw your contribution to the Jan. 10 Bread Digest, and
>wanted to make a quick comment.
>The banana nut bread recipe you posted looks great!  But I would
>advise (having 28+ years of experience in wheat protein research)
>you to not call it "wheat free," as in the subject header.
>Gluten is, of course, the protein of wheat.  And a few people who
>don't know this, and who have problems with celiac disease, could
>be deceived.  Also, I doubt seriously that it makes any
>difference whether the bread is free of wheat starch or not,
>since most cereal starches have similar (though slightly
>different) properties.  But you should also keep in mind that
>vital wheat gluten DOES contain probably 10% of wheat starch, in
>addition to the major protein ingredients.  So this bread is
>neither wheat-free or wheat starch free.

I (this is Susan, the original poster, speaking) get an allergic reaction
from even fairly small amounts of (modern) whole or white wheat flour or
spelt flour, but not from kamut flour or any of the non-wheat flours.  But
I don't get a reaction from any of the breads I make with 1/2 cup gluten in
them.  I know that a lot of people are allergic to gluten, but I did
mention that the bread is "not gluten free."  I thought this was enough for
anyone who is knowledgeable enough about baking to be making their own
bread.  I am sorry if I confused anyone.

        - susan  (I represent only myself;  none of the opinions expressed
above are endorsed by my employer.)