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helen@mbbs.com (Helen Fleischer)
Tue, 10 Jan 95 22:13:00 -0820
Michelle Campbell asked:

Br> I know that in normal bread recipes, some of the sugar is there to be
Br> used
Br> as yeast food.  BUT what does the yeast eat when there is *no* sugar in
Br> the dough (eg, the pizza dough my SO makes)?

It eats the flour and water. The sugar is more or less a stimulating fast
food that makes the yeast work faster, that's all. In my own bread
machine I use malt powder instead of sugar. The yeast like it even
better. ;) If you have access to one, Korean ethnic groceries carry the
malt powder for a lot less money than you'd pay to get it from specialty
catalogs. That is plain malted barley, ground into a powder or flour,
not the stuff you use to make malted milk.

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