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Re: BREAD Digest V5 #50

mary_white@sunshine.net (Mary White)
Tue, 3 Jan 95 10:11 PST
>(For those who are asking about machines, I like the Breadman a LOT. I
>usually make heavy, whole grain, wheat-free breads (with 1/2 cup gluten)
>and it works just fine.  I only wish it had a PAUSE button during the knead
>cycle so I could manually fold nuts or raisins or corrective water/flour
>into the dough without restarting from the beginning -- manufacturers are
>you listening?  Readers do you know of any machine that has such a

I have a Hitachi, and it has a "Mix Bread" cycle that stops and beeps so you 
know when to put raisins etc. in. This occurs 4 minutes before the Knead 
cycle ends and the First Rise begins. I think if you just opened the lid and 
threw the raisins in at this point without stopping the machine, it would 
work just as well. I haven't tried this but I've often added extra flour or 
water at any point without stopping the machine.

{{ Mary White }}