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Wet Bricks

ROBINH.DSD-1@mhs.microtekintl.com (ROBIN HILP)
Mon, 12 Dec 94 13:27
The quality of loaf my machine produces has been steadily declining, over 
the past 2-3 months, from light & fluffy to dense.  I've been able to 
correct such problems before by putting in a little less yeast or warming 
up the liquid.  (These aren't timed loaves--I start 'em immediately the 
ingredients are in.)  Nothing works now.  Is it the weather (cold & wet 
this time of year)?  Does yeast go bad no matter what after 6 months?  
The package instructions said "store in a cool dark place" so I put it in 
an airtight container in the fridge then moved it to a cupboard when the 
weather turned cold.