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Baking without a machine.

Joell Abbott <joell@jolt.mpx.com.au>
Tue, 13 Dec 1994 13:39:46 +1100 (EST)
On Mon, 12 Dec 1994 BREAD@cykick.infores.com wrote:

> Date: Sun, 11 Dec 1994 00:11:59 -0500
> From: GGDA@aol.com
> Subject: Re: BREAD Digest V5 #47
> Message-ID: <941211001159_3000515@aol.com>
> Doesn't anyone out there bake WITHOUT  a bread machine?  Where are the
> artisan bakers who still believe that no bread machine can ever match a hand
> process.  I am not suggesting that all kneading be done by hand, but I am
> definitly not interested in baking bread in a box.  
> Anyone else of the same school?
I don't have one and probably won't be buying one. I do my kneading by 
hand. I have been using sour dough starter lately for most of my bread. 
Whole Meal and Herb primarily. I like the fresh baked taste and it really 
isn't all that hard. I have started letting the dough rise before I 
download a mail packet. Then I read mail while the dough does it's thing.

The sour dough newsgroup is fairly active, so some others are still doing 
it the old fashioned way :-) Mind you, I wouldn't say no to a loaf baked 
in a machine, will be experimenting with a friend's, but I don't have 
money for kitchen gadgets right now, too many 'puter toys are needed for 
bread to take priority.