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REQUEST: comparison between big Zo and Panasonic?

karant@gallium.csusb.edu (Dr. Yasha Karant)
Tue, 6 Dec 1994 09:43:34 -0800
I have heard good things about both these units.  We currently have
the big Zojirushi (with the custom programmable cycle), but it does
not have a yeast dispenser nor any "cast iron", items which the
Panasonic does have.  Do these make a difference?  Are the loaves
better from the Pan than the Zo?  We primarily bake whole grain
breads, not bread mixes, not "bread flour".  Comments and experiences
would be appreciated.

We have also seen the new America Harvest dual loaf unit, which looks
too "plastic-y" for my taste.  Nonetheless, any experiences with this
unit, which purportedly bakes two loaves in half the time (2 hours
compared with 4 hours in the Zo)?

Yasha Karant