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Bread Machine Input wanted

Mon, 5 Dec 1994 20:36:21 -0500
Hello.  Thanks for reading this.

It must be obvious that I'm new to this digest. I joined for many reasons.
The first was to ask knowledgeable people about bread machines. I know
everyone has heard this question a lot. ..................I missed bread
machines 101....................

I know that you pay more for timers and crust color settings. To me what is
important is the motor and any gears. I had an Oster with plastic gears and
it continually broke down, Good motor but the gears could not take the

Windows are good because I'm curious, got to see. Cool down is good, don,
want soggy bread. Timers are good because I want warm bread when I get up.
Stong motors are good becaus of  heavier doughs.

Here's the deal: Do I want to spend the big bucks and by that
Panasonic,suggested at $375, because it has the cast Iron, has yeast dipenser
or is there a $200 equivalent, Or should I by that $375 Panasonic?

What I've heard from really satisfied people is they think Panasonic is it.
Now I have come to the oracle Bread-Digest.

I figure you people have the experience and the knowledge to help me.

Thank you for your attention and all of your replies.