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Re: Attention Bread Bakers

ggda@ix.netcom.com (g. g. de angelis, ph.d.)
Sat, 26 Nov 1994 18:48:38 -0800
ellow Bread Bakers;

A new American edition of Elizabeth David's English Bread and Yeast 
Cookery has been published by Biscuit
Books, Inc., and may be obtained via the Jessica's Biscuit Cookbook 
Catalog.  There are painstakingly
thorough descriptions of ingredients, equipment, and methods from both a 
historical and present day
perspective.  As the Jessica's Biscuit Cookbook Catalog states, " . . . 
this is an inspired collection of over
200 recipes, complete with American equivalents for breads of all colors 
& flours (even French breads,)
plus buns, pancakes, muffins, crumpets & more.

I acquired  a copy of the original Amercian edition some years ago after 
reading about it in the Chez
Panisse Menu Cookbook and locating a bookseller skilled at specialized 
book searches.  I encourage
anyone with an interest in bread making and baking to purchase this new 
American edition from the
Jessica's Biscuit Cookbook Catalog.

The address for Jessica's Biscuit, The Cookbook People, is Box 301, 
Newtonville, MA 02160, and the phone
number is 1-800-878-4264.  The current catalog includes an introductory 
price of $17.50, 30% below
the list price of $25.00.