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Vegetable Bread Requests

kla@karen.webo.dg.com (Karen Plaskon)
Tue, 18 Oct 94 9:22:26 EDT
Hi.  I have a 1 year old who enjoyes feeding himself.  He does well with
sandwiches, but only when he really likes them!  I'm looking for some
recipes for vegetable breads that slice really nicely (thin) to make him
sandwiches on.  Things like squash, zucchini, carrot.  A little sweet
(some sugar, or honey) would make them more appetizing to him as well.
Also, if you have ideas on what to put in them, I'd appreciate it!
(Often lately we've been having apple or banana bread with peanut butter or
cream cheese and jelly)


 Karen L. Plaskon  (karen_plaskon@dg.com)
 Data General Corp., Enterprise Solutions Engineering