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Re: 02:BREAD Digest V5 #40

Joel.Ehrlich@salata.com (Joel Ehrlich)
18 Oct 94 07:15:49 -0800
 BR> I have had my Bread Machine for a little over a month now.

 BR> I bought a Toastmaster Bread Box, model #1155, because it has  
 BR> multiple cycles (standard, whole wheat, whole, wheat rapid, sweet,  
 BR> etc.) and because I got it on sale for $99.  What I am finding is  
 BR> that most of the time I just use it as a dough maker.  I prefer bread 
 BR> baked in bread pans, not to mention the fact that my staple breads  
 BR> are Italian and French Baguettes.  

 BR> What I would love is to be able to combine parts of different cycles  
 BR> such as the heating cycle on the whole wheat with the basic dough  
 BR> cycle.

 BR> Is there a programmable bread maker that gives you full control over  
 BR> the times of kneading, rest periods etc? Is there such a machine that 
 BR> just does dough (no bake cycle)?

Most of the top machines like the Zojirushi, Trillium, DAK and Panasonic have 
dough making cycles (no bake) and are very programmable. Of course, they
also cost a lot more (the Zoji is about $300).


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