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Re: Bread machines in UK/Yeast varieties

sdpage@andersen.co.uk (Stephen Page)
Wed, 12 Oct 94 16:09:38 BST
In mail.bread you write:

>Does anybody know of any suppliers of bread machines in the UK?
You can get bread machines in London from Peter Jones (Chelsea version of
John Lewis, who probably have them in their other stores), Harrods, 
Selfridges, and most other major department stores with a decent kitchen
Some of the strange manufacturers who trade in the US aren't available here,
but can get Panasonic.

>What sort of yeast do the recipes require?
My manual told me to use "easyblend" yeast, I think.

However, my bread tastes rathy springy and cakelike. No idea why, and after
trying everything people suggested on this list and in books, I gave up and
parked my machine in a cupboard :-(.  One day I shall get around to calling
Panasonic and seeing if there's a food version of technical support.

Stephen Page
Andersen Consulting   sdpage@andersen.co.uk