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Karl.Lembke@salata.com (Karl Lembke)
15 Oct 94 20:19:12 -0800
 -=> Quoting BREAD@cykick.infores.com to All <=-

 BR> Does anyone out there know how to get a new mixing paddle for a 
 BR> Turbo II DAK breadmaker?  It seems from all the message I have read 
 BR> about DAK they are out of business.  Is that true?  Your help would 
 BR> be greatly appreciated.

 BR> Last I heard they were still operating and had (according to the
 BR> newspaper) been doing fairly well getting themselves reorganized and
 BR> out of Chapter 11. Their BBS is still working at 818-715-7153/4. Why
 BR> not give them a holler to see what's going on?

In fact, as I recall, the new paddles are $7.50, from the 

[Pause while I rummage through papers...]

Nope!  I was wrong.  They're $7.00.
Plus tax (I'm in California) plus $2.00 postage and

At least that was the price for a new paddle for my 
DAK Turbo Baker IV.  

By the way, it's called a "dough blade" in the invoice
I received.  Specifically "DOUGH BLADE 1.5" item # 8568,
for my machine.  
Void where inhibited. 
Your milage may vary.

Address inquiries to P.O. Box 7120, Canoga Park, CA 91309-7120
or to the Technical Information number, USA 1-800-888-9818
Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.
If you're out of the country, I may be able to find a non-800

Hope this helps!

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