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Bread machines in UK/Yeast varieties

Andrew Wyss <andrew@mftsun1.demon.co.uk>
Thu, 6 Oct 94 09:38:03 BST
Does anybody know of any suppliers of bread machines in the UK?  A friend visited
family in Canada, and came back raving about their bread machine.  He says he
would have brought one back if he'd known how difficult they were to get here.

Personally, I'm a 'get your hands dirty' baker, but I'm friendly really -
honest :-)

Another question: most recipes in this list specify "yeast", without specifying
a particular sort of yeast.  I know of three kinds of yeast available in the UK
for baking use:-

	dried (requires activation in sugar and liquid before use)
	"easyblend" dried (no activation required)
	fresh "compressed"

What sort of yeast do the recipes require?  I'd be interested to know what types
of yeast are available elsewhere.  I use fresh yeast in my bread, as I've found
nothing to match the rise and flavour it produces.

Andrew Wyss