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Introduction, and Squaw Bread

"Zoe: Coombs" <coombs@bigvax.alfred.edu>
Thu, 22 Sep 1994 18:33:52 EDT
Hi--I'll try this again.  I was in the middle of typing a message when
I got some interference on the phone line or whatever and lost my
carrier (I'm at home using my modem instead of being at work on my
office terminal).

I just heard about this list today.  Great idea!  I was sent a sample
digest but didn't notice the date on it.  Is the Squaw Bread recipe
still needed?  I can e-mail it if anyone is interested.

I have had a bread machine for several years.  DAK which unfortunately
died in May.  I wanted to order another (was I ever suffering from
withdrawal pangs!) from DAK but (after waiting for several months) there
are none available because the factory moved and DAK couldn't guarantee
the quality.

So I ordered a 1-1/2 lb Mister Bread (by Seiko) from Damark which just
arrived last Friday.  Quite obviously my DAK had been a 2-lb machine
(I just hadn't paid
 attention before--oh, well) so I'm going to have to
do some recipe adjusting I see.  Naturally, I had to put the new
machine to work immediately! :-)

I have several cats so I always have to put my freshly-baked bread
into my microwave oven to cool :-)